Dear customers:

Tanks for using graphite electrodes manufactured by “Jianglong”, pls read the operation guide before put it into using, hope it makes more effective.

One、Please choose the graphite electrodes with right grades and diameters based on the allowable current-carrying capacities of furnace.

PS:Date sheet 1 is the allowable current-carrying capacities of the AC Furnace, it could be higher if using in DC Furnace or LF Furnace.

Please choose the graphite electrodes with right grades and diameters based on the allowable current-carrying capacities of furnace.

Finished the electrode length and diameter deviation


When using or inventory electrode, must avoid moisture, dust, pollution or collision。

When using a forklift to electrode should be cautious, collision and overload is strictly prohibited, and pay attention to the balance, to prevent break down。

Bridge crane loading and unloading, the operator will obey conductor, the shelves are strictly prohibited under standing。

Electrode should be stored in a clean, dry place, in the dew day field stacking must use waterproof tarpaulin cover。

Before the electrodes, the first to use compressed air to blow net electrode thread, careful screwing in the joint one end of the electrode, the electrode ascension bolt screwing in the other end, collision of thread is not allowed。

In ascension, electrode to use with a rotating hook, soft mat under the electrode of joint support pad, in case of damaged threads。

Before connecting electrodes used compressed air to clear out of its hole。

With elastic hook hoist lifting electrode to the stove, for the center, slow down。

The upper electrode fell to and lower electrode distance 20-30 mm, with compressed air blowing net electrode anastomoses。

Using a special torque wrench tightening torque by the regulation, can use mechanical or hydraulic pressure, air pressure equipment tighten to specified torque。

Electrode holder must be within the two white lines, gripper and electrode interface should always clean up, to keep good contact with the electrode holder leaking cooling jacket was strictly prohibited。

Cover the top of the electrode, the top in order to avoid oxidation and dust heap。

In order to avoid the electrode broken, shall not be loaded in the furnace insulation material quickly. Electrode working current, corresponds to a manual electrode allows electrode。

In order to avoid the electrode broken, please place the bulk material on the bottom, small pieces of material in the upper。

Three、 Graphite electrode Analysis Statements:

Four、The tools of handing graphite electrodes

The thread of lifting is produced by graphite, steel, it protect graphite electrode not been hurt.